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7/19/14: “What was your feeling that seminal moment (when you picked up the Conn Smythe trophy) - what was racing through your head?”

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She doesn’t have to be your taste, and I can totally understand why someone wouldn’t be into her, but choosing to write off a young woman completely because she “has too many feelings” is just typical, old school misogyny. Don’t like her music? Cool. Don’t like her style? Cool. Don’t like the way she words things in interviews? Totally reasonable. But if you’re willing to paint this woman as the CRAZY BITCH EX-GIRLFRIEND because she uses her platform to call out men’s bullshit behavior, you’re contributing to a culture that assumes all women’s feelings are irrational and worthless. It’s mean, it’s boring, and we can do better. If you want to make fun of Taylor Swift, make fun of Taylor Swift. Don’t resort to mocking femininity in general and trying to pass it off as pop culture news. By turning Taylor into a Crazy Bitch, you might be sending the message to other women writers that it’s not worth it for them to express their feelings at all. 

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Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are a pretty great couple.

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The last words said by Black youth before they were murdered by vigilantes/Policemen . Rest in peace. 

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I had a dream about a cowboy movie last night and I woke up to write it down so I would remember

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You all get along so well, clearly…

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Reasons your fave is problematic

  • Descended from Adam and thus bears the mark of Original Sin

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